Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College
School Code : 5763 | College Code : 5752 | EIIN : 133211

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Bandarban Cantonment Public School and College (BCPSC) started its auspicious journey on 08 February 2007. Since its inception the institution has been trying its utmost to impart quality education, and by this time BCPSC has achieved a laudable position with its academic excellence and smooth acceleration of all other co-curricular activities.

It is a renowned institution run by Bangladesh Army situated beside the hilly river Sangu. With an amazing environment of lush green perpetual enchantment, BCPSC mesmerizes its first viewers with its heavenly gifts of flora and fauna. Besides, its infrastructural facilities are also unique with its modern architectural beauties and the latest technological facilities like multimedia classrooms, highly equipped laboratories, sophisticated computer lab, rich library and various clubs of co-curricular activities.

With prudent and pragmatic guidance of the Chief Patron, this institution has already been able to create its own distinctive position through ensuring quality education that assists every student to be a good citizen with integrity and efficiency. Inshallah, the Governing Body will spare no pains in timely policy making to march forward as a leading institution of the country.

Hope, this website will include a complete database of the students and automatic generation of Academic Transcripts in near future. I urge upon everybody to explore the opportunities that are available at BCPSC website. Finally, I wish every success of BCPSC website- www.bbcpsc.edu.bd

Chairman Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College Bandarban Cantonment.
Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College
Bandarban Cantonment.

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