Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College
School Code : 5763 | College Code : 5752 | EIIN : 133211
Lt Col Mohammad Shahazahan Seraj Bhuiyan, MPhil, AEC

Welcome to the newly launched website of Bandarban Cantonment Public School and College (BCPSC). From the very beginning of its journey, BCPSC has been entrusted with the sacred task of imparting quality education among the students of this remote area. Within a very short span of time the institution has been acknowledged not only at Bandarban but also all over the country due to its outstanding academic results and a good number of laudable achievements in the field of co-curricular activities.

The unique features of BCPSC are its panoramic landscape, lush green campus, aesthetic infrastructure, wonderful classrooms with multimedia system, modern computer laboratory, library and common room facilities, hostel facilities and supervision by principal through close circuit camera, etc. With a view to ensuring quality education for each and every student BCPSC has already developed guide teacher- based monitoring system which seems to be very effective in doing excellent result in public examinations.

Bandarban has already earned the recognition as the foster child of nature situated on the bank of the river Sangu. It is a place of peace and communal harmony and a wonderful solidarity is also very much discernable among the people of this region. BCPSC is playing the role of torch-bearer among thousands of students for their academic progress and contributing greatly to the socio-economic development of this region as well.

We are committed to provide quality education to the students and thereby prepare them as potential human resources of the nation. This institution has generated a new ray of hope among the people of hill tracts to promote their new generation imbibed with quality education and merge with the mainstream of the nation.

Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the Chief Patrons and the Chairmen of Governing Body for their wholehearted support which has helped BCPSC to come forward as an emerging institution of the country. We look forward to receiving similar support from all concerned in the days to come.

Lt Col Mohammad Shahazahan Seraj Bhuiyan, MPhil, AEC
Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College
Bandarban Cantonment.

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