Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College
School Code : 5763 | College Code : 5752 | EIIN : 133211
Congratulations to Ahmed Abtahi !!!

Congratulations to Ahmed Abtahi !!!


BCPSC has been defined as the best institution of this district due to many academic achievements . Beyond the academic acquisitions, BCPSC has some excellent achievements in co-curricular activities. In 2017, one of the students of BCPSC(SSC examinee- Named –Ahmed Abtahi) has achieved the first position in the Creative Talent Hunt Competition-2017  in the whole country. The student has received 1,00,000 (0ne lac) taka prize money from the Honourable Prime Minister and got the opportunity of foreign tour. On top of that, the debate team of the BCPSC has participated in the debate competition arranged by BTV in 2017. One of the students of class XII named Mabia Alam Mim has achieved the distinction of Shorno Kishori in 2016.

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