Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College
School Code : 5763 | College Code : 5752 | EIIN : 133211

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  • হাঁচি/কাশি দেওয়ার সময় হাতের কনুই বা টিস্যু/রুমাল/কাপড় দিয়ে নাক ও মুখ ঢাকুন এবং অপরিষ্কার হাতে চোখ, নাক, মুখ স্পর্শ করবেন না। অধ্যক্ষ, ক্যান্টনমেন্ট পাবলিক স্কুল ও কলেজ

Welcome to Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College

The institutionalization of education starts right from the beginning of the Mesopotamian civilization. Through the gradual rotation and evolution of human civilization, formal education has had taken newer forms and has been changing to meet the need of community and the time. Actually, in order to render formal education, educational institution has come into being. In line with this idea, Bandarban Cantonment Public School and College has been established on the bank of the eternally following stream of the river Sangu.

We are committed to ensuring standard, result oriented and effective education. We take care of the students through all possible ways like monitoring every student in the class, communicating with the guardians, taking special care of weak students, supervising them  through guide teachers and by all these students are under direct and extensive supervision of the Principal. Prohibition on the use of cell-phone in the campus by the students, wearing of uniform help them to build a life of lofty ideal in a well disciplined and a beautiful campus. No student can do any illegal or immoral activity as there is constant observation all over the campus through CC cameras. This institution is equipped with all modern facilities needed to ensure quality education. These facilities include modern and well equipped chemistry, physics and biology labs and theinstitution has its own website. This institution functions under direct care taking of Bangladesh Military and so it has earned reputation among the people of this area. Skilled directions of the Governing Body (GB), imparting of education by skilled and experienced teaching staff and co-curricular activities have both accelerated the psycho-static state of the students and have added to the building of confidence of the guardians. In the campus, there prevails an environment, congenial to study. It is one of the rarest institutions where students from eleven small ethnic communities along with students from four major religious communities study. In this institution, students from twelve different districts study at present. Arrival of students from remote districts is on the increase and the curiosity of people to know about this institution is also increasing day by day.